Adult Discipleship

We want to create space for people to journey into a relationship with God; not be expected to behave, before they believe or belong. We want people to ask questions, dialogue in the responses, and find Neighbours Church as a place to belong, before they believe, or ever consider if they want to become like Christ.

The journey doesn’t end when we decide to become a disciple either. So, we want to create a space that is relevant in each stage of discipleship. For those that call themselves followers of Jesus, we will encourage people to develop a variety of characteristics in their personal lives that we see as long-term personal discipleship goals or end goals for followers of Jesus. We hope that each step they take towards Jesus will allow them to intentionally move forward in their faith journey.


Alpha is an 11-week course that creates a space, online or in person, where people are excited to bring their friends for a conversation about life, faith and Jesus.

Alpha is a way to inspire and equip churches to create a space where people from any background can encounter Jesus. The same Alpha content is run all over the world, by Christians of all traditions, and provides a common expression of faith.

Over 1 million people in Canada have experienced Alpha, and millions more have taken Alpha in over 100 countries and over 100 languages around the globe.

When: Scheduled to begin January 2024

Advance Groups

Advance groups exist to encourage, equip and empower you for evangelism.

The gospel is good news to be proclaimed and has lost none of its power to save. Through small group mentoring, Advance helps Jesus followers to share His love with their lips and their lives to the world around them.

Now in over 60 nations across the globe, Advance is growing rapidly as a powerful tool to stir and equip the church for faithful gospel witness, and to develop the call and gift of the evangelist around the world.

Neighbours Church will run an Advance Group starting September 21, 2023.

Small Groups

Are you longing for community like the rest of us? A place to be known, and really know others? A place where you can build authentic, life-changing relationships? Our hope for small groups at Neighbours Church is for everyone to find a place of community, where they can take one step closer to Jesus and others each week.

We grow in our faith journey in these groups by reading the Bible together, asking questions, sharing our thoughts, and asking God in prayer to transform us into His likeness.

We grow in our relationship with others by: praying for one another, taking time to listen, getting to know each other over time, and helping one another when it is appropriate to do so both inside and outside of group times.

Alpha Marriage

The Alpha Marriage Course is a practical seven-session course designed to support couples looking for practical support to strengthen their relationship. This is not marriage counselling, but it will help give you tools to create and enhance any relationship. We suggest taking a course like this every couple of years if you are married, to work on your relationship, its like taking your car in for a tune up, only its working on something far more important.

We encourage our small groups at Neighbours Church to consider if it is appropriate for their group to do the alpha marriage curriculum as an opportunity for those that are married in the group to get a tune up for their marriage, and for those that are sing how to support and encourage their married friends and their own relationships.

Men's Ministry

A few times a year we run events that help men connect with their neighbours in the community and the church. It might be a golf outing, a BBQ at someone’s house, helping to furnish a refugee’s home, or some other event we think men will enjoy together.

Each year a group of men from our church go away on a weekend together to inspire their faith, enrich their lives, and get them connected with Jesus. Band of Brother’s Canada is a ministry run by lay leaders, men who have given themselves to walk together in life and in mission to facilitate the breath of God breathing on the dry bones of men’s lives so that they come alive and stand up together as a vast army for good. The weekends have had a tremendous impact on the lives of many men at the church.

Each year at Neighbours Church we take part in the band of brothers boot camps, watch out for when our next one is. In the meantime, you can learn more about band of brothers boot camps by visiting their website:

Women's Ministry

A few times a year we run events that help women connect with their neighbours in the community and the church. It might be a golf outing, a BBQ at someone’s house, helping to furnish a refugee’s home, or some other event we think women will enjoy together.

On a spiritual note, each year a group of women from our church go away on a weekend together to inspire their faith, enrich their lives, and get them connected with Jesus. The weekends have had a tremendous impact on the lives of many women at the church.

Check our Events page for where the women are going this year.

Thailand Missions Trip November 14-23, 2023

Vision Behind this Trip

Neighbours church is an inter-cultural and multi-generational church whose mission is to get people like you and I to take one step closer to Jesus and our neighbours every day (whether our neighbours are here in Ottawa or across the globe). Our values include being ‘relationship focused’ (which includes relationship with our missionaries in Thailand), being ‘journey oriented’ (which includes taking people on life changing missions trips), ‘intentionally diverse’ (exposing people to new cultures and people groups they can learn from about who God is, and how we can see the world differently because of Him in them), ‘postured for worship’ (serving people who are marginalized like the sex trade orphan victims we will be serving in Thailand), and ‘choosing to partner’ (like we are with Abundant Life Home in Thailand, and the ministry of Karen and Ricky Sanchez with YWAM).

Chon Buri, Thailand – Abundant Life Home

In March 28, 2006 Abundant Life Home opened to care for children and women in crisis (coming out of the sex trade where they have been held against their will) who now have a home, hope, and help. Ricky and Karen Sanchez have developed a training center for leadership, a coffee shop (where people learn skills for the workforce), sports ministry (where kids can learn to be kids again), an orphanage (to shelter and protect), and a church (to share the life changing hope of Jesus with all they come into contact with) all going with local leadership in place.

What we are doing on the trip
  • Eye glass clinic (we will help people to see for the first time).
  • Minister at the church to give volunteers a needed break.
  • Half-day VBS with some of the kids.
  • Visiting the human trafficking areas, praying, and debriefing.
  • Hearing the stories of people who have been rescued from trafficking.
  • Sewing clothes with girls (teaching them).
  • Baking with some of the girls for the shop.
  • Visiting some rural church planters to encourage them.
  • Visiting a local prison, to share the gospel.
  • Teaching English to local government officials.
  • Playing with the kids at the beach (extra supervisions allows this to happen).
  • Visiting the hospital to pray for cancer patients.
  • Playing basketball with teen boys in an evening camp.
Prayer: what you can pray for
  1. For people to come to Christ we minister to
  2. For the missionaries and workers in Chon Buri Thailand as they host us
  3. Safety in travel and in country
  4. For learnings for our team to come home with and implement into our life and ministry here
  5. For miracles at the hospital and prison
  6. For us to be a blessing and encouragement
Support a team member

Email the team member the amount you plan on supporting them (total cost is $2,700/person). Write a cheque to ‘Neighbours Church’ or give directly on our website.

Celebrate Recovery

A Christ-centred 12 Step Recovery Program. Are you ready to embark on a journey of real and lasting change? Ask yourself whether you or someone you are in a close relationship with may: do too much, owe too much, work too much, exercise too much, spend too much, lust too much or too often, sleep too much, fantasize too much/often, grieve too long, gamble too much, use illicit drugs too often, feel used too often, act compulsively too often, become sad too often, lose control too often, become jealous too often, get manipulated too often, be too early too often, feel guilty too often, feel hopeless, feel trapped too often, feel unloved too often, feel like a failure too often, eat too much, worry too much, give to others too much, drink too much, care too much, smoke too much, rush too much, obsess too much, diet too much/often, seek excitement too often, yell or scream too often, get angry too often, act sexually inappropriately, be greedy too often, feel overwhelmed, feel envious too often, be anxious or afraid, be late too often, feel resentful too often, feel lonely too often, feel unlovable, feel worthless too often, feel unattractive, feel unforgivable too often, or play video games too much?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, this program is designed with you or your loved one in mind.