Thanks for considering giving to Neighbours Church.

As we begin to get started there are all kinds of costs in the start up of a church that you can help with if you're interested. Our fellowship of Churches across Canada is called the ACOP, and they have made it really easy for people to give to the church plant. On our Church Planting Project page you will be able to set up a monthly direct deposit or give a one-time donation.

Give online now. It’s simple & safe

Church Offering

You can put cash in a church envelope, fill it out to get a tax receipt, and place it in the offering. Or if you would prefer to donate by cheque, please write the cheque payale to "ACOP of Canada" and add a note "Project 251 Neighbours Church" and place it in the offering

Via Cheque

If you are not coming in person but would like to give this way, mail your cheque to the following address:

ACOP of Canada
#119, 2340 Pegasus Way NE
Calgary, AB
T2E 8M5